Internet Services

Skilled IT Has a full range of Internet & Cloud services on offer under our Fastcomm brand. Skilled IT is holder of a national carrier licence which allows us to build our own telecommunications that suites our area. The Fastcomm brand is about Locals Supporting Locals and building a service for the local region. Being the only true local communications company you can be assured your dealing with locals all the time and all profits stay in the Central Queensland area.

Fastcomm covers the following services

  1. Fixed Wireless internet connections in the CQ Area
  2. NBN FTTP, FTTN, FTTC,FW Connections at competitive pricing
  3. Fully Featured Cloud Hosted PBX
  4. Dedicated VPN links
  5. Business Grade internet connections
  6. Office 365

Head over to the Fastcomm Website for a full list of services and prices. Alternatively feel free to fill out the contact form and an account manager will contact you shortly.

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